Comparison of electricity from wind power and solar power

Wind energy and solar energy are considered as two potential energy sources for electricity supply, which is a positive development direction in providing enough energy to meet the needs of private and public. So what are the similarities and differences between wind power and solar power?

Similarities of wind power and solar power

Despite coming from different energy sources, electricity from wind power and solar power still has outstanding advantages:

Has the ability to regenerate

Wind power and solar power are two very renewable energy sources, unlike fossil fuel sources such as coal, oil, gas, etc. According to NASA calculations, in the range of 6.5 billion years from now, the sun can still power people.

Install solar power system

Ecologically clean

As we all know, people all over the world, especially in developed countries are in the struggle for the clean up of the earth’s environment. And wind energy, solar energy is considered the most promising field, can partially replace energy from non-renewable fuel sources. The production, installation and operation of power plants using these two fuel sources do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. And even if they do emit toxic substances, this number is much smaller than other non-renewable fuels.

Difference between wind power and solar power

Besides the same advantages, wind power and solar power still have some obvious differences.

Make noise

With solar energy, the production of electricity does not require the use of motors, so there is no noise. However, with the production of electricity from wind energy, noise is caused by the turbines.

It is also for this reason that the installation of windmills faces stiff opposition from people living in the vicinity.


Currently, according to research, the cost of generating electricity from new wind farms is cheaper than new coal or gas plants. In contrast, with solar power sources, the initial investment cost is quite expensive. Therefore, at the present time, solar power is not yet capable of becoming the only source of electricity in households.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of both types of fuel, it can be seen that solar power is still friendly and has many outstanding advantages compared to electricity from wind. Hopefully this article will provide useful information, helping readers to better understand the difference between wind power and solar power.